Thursday, April 16, 2009

69 Chambers - War on the inside - [2009]

Banda : 69 Chambers
Disco : War on the inside
Año : 2009
Genero : Alt Metal / Alt Rock / Female Vocal

Track List.-

01. The Day Of The Locust 04:06
02. Bloodaxe 03:16
03. Dead Letter Office 03:46
04. Thinking About You 03:36
05. On The Inside 04:49
06. Ex Nihilo 05:40
07. Return Of The Repressed 06:04
08. Judas Goat 04:37
09. The Collapse Of Time and Space 04:12
10. Wind Feeds Fire 03:20
11. Final Memento 03:58
12. Automatic Automata 04:18

Download Here!!!

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